what is an artcar?

Ever had one of those days. Went to work, caught in trafic. had a fender bender. Why not make your car into an artcar. What is an artcar? It is a creative use of conveyance for the enjoyment of self and others. It is rolling art. Instead of junking that car, why not recycle it into art.

some artcar pictures

This is Kevin, Mayela, Frisco and myself camping at Jack Devore's place in Marcola, Oregon.

This is a picture of an artcar that is covered with liscence plates.

Philo Northup's Buick of Unconditional Love is a nice gathering spot in the shade.

The evil eye relaxes on a beautiful sunny day. This picture is from a trip to the Reverend Bill's beach cabin on Long Beach, near Astoria, Washington.

The venerable tiki bug was Kevin's first artcar. Many of us fondly remember this creation.

Kevin's latest creation is all about texture. Texture is highlighted by the flat black color. When texture and color are combined in the same piece, the color overpowers the texture and the effect is lost. This is a good example of how it works