mountain yeti

March 22, 2006

It's the hair


The hair must pass through static atmosphere at maximum velocity at all times.  This theory is especially true while employed in the mobility of wheeled devices.  The mountain yeti (humanus gangaalopus) is noted for its use of sliding motion on crystalline di-hydrogen monoxide.  This phenomena occurs in deep deposits in the "Rocky fucking Mountains" and other high altitude locale.

You know yeti are capable of particularly high speeds. The fur trips the flow causing turbulence and a much thinner boundary layer. This holds the boundary layer longer moving the separation point back and resulting in better pressure recovery.  The pressure recovery limits the drag on yeti. As the yeti moves at high speed through a stationary field (air molecules, skiers, small scruffy animals) it creates wake turbulence as it passes.  This pushes aside and scatters the field.  Wake turbulence can be extremely hazardous for a skier following in a yeti wake disturbance.  As the field (air molecules, skiers, small scruffy animals) is radically disturbed in this area there is a much greater chance of random collisions.

In the case of air molecules, this is drag In the case of scruffy animals and other skiers this is a violent deadly event and that is a drag man.

Dr. farkus (PhD, mba, klmnop)



skating at the brick

April 21, 2005

Since RIT is so spread out I take my skate with me. Also, the academic area is on top of the hill and all the parking is at the bottom and far away. At the end of the day, I hop on my long board and ride baby ride.  There is one big hill next to the financial aid office. It is the designated bike path, so I'm always trying to see just how fast I can get going on it. I just put some new bearings in, so my ride flies. It was just a matter of time, and last week, a heard of deaf people is walking down the hill near the bottom. So I let out my mountain yell to clear the way. Well, RIT is a big deaf university. These people were deaf and of course they have to take up the whole path so they can "talk to each other". I had to head for the lawn. I go rolling past them in full speed cartwheels with my book bag on my back.

Today, I think I may have actually hit maximum velocity. Down the hill, past the Ice rink, around the corner by the new gym, HO, HO HOLY shit, There is a campus safety copper hiding around the corner to catch speeders. I threw it into the corner and got it into a HUGE frontside slide and BAM right into the cop car. I think I hit it so hard it moved. Mostly bounced off his wheel and ended up kind of wedged under his car. You should of seen the look in his eyes when I came whipping around the corner. There was a little dent, but, I just told him straight out, how far do you want to push this, you're parked on the bike path. No harm no foul, another pair of pants and a shirt ruined, some road rash and a bruise or two.

downhill speedboarding

Good Times

Screamin' Banshee

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Be careful out there