Shawn Snow, Artist

Shawn is my friend from RIT. I enjoy hanging with the artists, because, they inspire me to be creative. Artists have taught me that boundaries are imposed by you and society on yourself. Free your mind with art. Free up a couple bucks and buy his art.


Larry Newsum, Glass Artist

Glass has always been my favorite artistic medium. It is hot, dangerous, and difficult. I have had a few opportunities to work with glass over the years. The equipment and facilities are extremely expensive to set up and run. Larry has perfected ghetto engineering and created his own studio. He has a particularly innovative glory hole/annealer design that is very fuel efficient and does a much better job of annealing glass than the traditional electric annealer. The waste gas from the glory hole is fed vertically through a vent to a box annealer mounted on top. This produces a roilling atmosphere that keeps everything at a uniform temperature.


Neeraj Jain, Inventor, Manufacturer of Fine Optics

Neeraj started out assembling eyepieces and helping in the family business. He has just recently built a new factory in Ambala to keep up with his expanding line of microscopes, and other scientific instruments. He takes pride in his workers, and, they in turn have pride in their work. He povides a decent wage for hundreds of Indians.


Kelly Lyles

Kelly is an artist from Seatle, Washington.  One of her specialties is artcars and she is the glue that helps hold the artcar community together.  She has been driving the "Leopard Bernstein" to artcar events for over a decade. Over the years she has amassed a treasure trove of art information in her website.


The Phenomenauts

A rockabilly band that just happen to be artcar artists as well.  Their mission is to travel the galaxy.