skimboarding in the Bahamas

The family has a house on Harbour Island in the Bahamas.


solar power


standing: unknown, Guy Vottis, Paul Myers, unknown, Charlie
kneeling: Mark Siemer, unknown, unknown
sorry for my poor memory, please e-mail me if you recognize anyone

I've been interested in solar power since my days with the SpiRIT solar racing team at the Rochester Institute of Technology. My cabin has been off the grid since 1995 and I'm planning to build a tower for my wind turbine this summer. The cabin is mostly used on weekends only, so two 33 watt panels are more than enough to keep the batteries fully charged.

While we are at the cabin, I move the solar panels around to gather the maximum amount of sunlight possible. To make this a little easier, I designed a solar cart to hold the batteries and solar panels conveniently. It folds into a compact to make it easier to move around and adjust the angle of the array.

solar_cart_erect.jpg solar_cart_fold.jpg sunset_01.jpg